Nursing or Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Good Habits & Preventing Bottle Decay

Early childhood tooth decay was previously known as nursing decay or bottle decay .

Tooth decay can occur when certain liquids such as milk (even breast milk), fruit juice or baby formula are given to an infant and left bathing the teeth for long periods of time. Bacteria in the mouth use these liquids as food and produce acids that attack the teeth. Each time a child drinks these liquids the teeth are subject to decay. Giving a child a bottle of sweetened liquid too often during the day or allowing your child to fall sleep with the bottle during naps or at night can be harmful to the childs teeth.

Tooth decay can also occur when babies fall sleep with pacifiers dipped in sugar or honey .

To prevent tooth decay , start oral care early . Wipe the babys gums with a clean gauze pad after each feeding. Begin brushing your childs teeth with training toothpaste as soon as the first tooth appears.

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