Meet Our Pediatric Dentistry Staff

Kids Dentist Office in Edmond


Carole HackerCarole is our office manager. Her career in dentistry started, believe it or not, since she was a little child! Her step- father was a dentist and had his office in his house. Carole recalls that she always wanted to play at her father’s dental office but her access was restricted. After graduating from High School she trained and worked as a dental assistant; later when she turned 21 years of age she became a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. She enjoyed traveling and loved the job, but decided to stop her career to start a family. That is when she decided to go back to the place where in the past she was forbidden to go, a dental office. Carole started working as a dental assistant in 1987 and over the years she has mastered the skills of almost all the positions at a dental office.

Carole is the office manager but also the cheerleader and counselor of Dr. Garzon’s office. She is always looking for the best interest of our patients due to her big kind heart. Carole is an advocate of lifelong learning. She has attended, and continues to attend, numerous continuing education seminars so she can improve her skills and knowledge and provide an excellent service to our patients.

Carole and her husband are involved in their children’s activities. Her son, Chris, probably learned to wrestle before he learned to walk; he won multiple very prestigious wrestling Titles and Tournaments and had a wrestling scholarship from the University of Nebraska where he graduated with a psychology degree. Chris is now a wrestling coach at UCO. Her daughter Ashley is a freshman at UCO; she chose the sorority which philanthropy is Autism Speaks. Carole and her husband are now enjoying time alone.


Michelle Coolman Michelle is our Insurance coordinator. Michelle has been taking care of children since 1989. For 10 years she worked as a Pediatric Nursing Assistant taking care of special needs children. In 1998 she got involved in the business part of dentistry and since then her skills have evolved. At our office she is the Insurance expert. Since she is thorough, detail oriented and a perfectionist she does a wonderful job. Michelle is eager to learn the new skills that are thought by the dental management consulting firm that comes every 3 months to our office.

Michelle enjoys spending time with her friends and family, particularly her niece with whom she has a special bond. She also enjoys the outdoors and traveling.



Kiara is one of our Insurance Coordinators. She has worked in Customer Service in the past and is excited to be a part of the dental profession; Kiara enjoys helping our patients with their insurance benefits. She has a beautiful smile and a kind and gentle demeanor.

Kiara loves spending time with her younger siblings and wants to be a dental hygienist.


HeatherHeather is the New Patient Coordinator. She is soft spoken and kind. Heather enjoys working around children and watching them light up when they discover how fun a dental visit can be. She is interested in business management and is looking forward to continuing her education in the dental field to help provide patients with the best care.

Heather is family oriented and enjoys spending quality time with her children, her husband and her family. Heather is artistic and creative and uses every opportunity she has to celebrate life with friends and family. She is a Certified International Crisis Responder and is involved in her church.



Tori is our Dental Hygienist. Originally from Marietta, OK, Tori went to Southern Oklahoma State University in Durant, OK, and later graduated from Oklahoma University as a Dental Hygienist. She has worked both in private and corporate dentistry.

Tori relates very well to children, teenagers and young adults. Her kind demeanor and compassion makes patients feel comfortable and at ease. Patients want to follow her, wherever she goes, because they like her and her gentleness. She has a special spot in her heart for special needs people and wants to go the extra mile when it comes to accommodating their needs.

As a child Tori went to a Pediatric Dentist, and had positive experiences that influenced her to be interested in dentistry. She loves sports, whether watching them on TV or going to the events. Tori enjoys spending time with her family, going to the movies, going out with friends and being adventurous when she can. She enjoys traveling and hopes that in the future she will be able to visit many places.



Alicia is a bilingual dental assistant who grew up in Texas and moved to Oklahoma 13 years ago. She graduated from the Platt College Dental Assistant Program and has worked in both Corporate and Private dental offices. Alicia loves working with children; her kind and compassionate demeanor makes children and parents feel comfortable and at ease.

Alicia’s 3 children are her pride. She and her husband are family oriented and Longhorn fans.



AnnetteAnnette is a bilingual dental assistant who loves working with children. She was trained as a Dental Assistant at Platt College and has extensive experience in corporate and private pediatric dentistry. Annette is caring and gentle with her patients and displays a warm and friendly demeanor with children and parents alike.

Family is what Annette values the most. She loves her mother and her 5 nephews who, at times, can be a handful but with whom she spends a lot of time with. During summer, they like to camp out at the lake and be out at the pool. Sometimes they go for short tips. Annette also enjoys kick boxing and visiting friends.

Annette is very active at her church where she serves every weekend with the fifth and sixth graders. She loves serving others and volunteering.



Maria  is a bilingual dental assistant who grew up in California and Mexico. She graduated as a Dental Assistant from Cerritos College in California and has worked in both corporate and private dentistry. Maria has a positive attitude and a charming personality. She loves to sing and tell stories to make people laugh. Maria is family oriented and very proud of her two sons. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family and likes to travel, dance, listen to music and is a soccer fan.