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Dr. Garzon‘s office has served our family and our daughters for many years. Our family dentist referred us to Dr. Garzon after one of our girls began complaining during an office visit. Changing to Dr. Garzon made a huge difference! Now, the dentist’s office is a pleasurable experience and not a place to fear. From the minute the kids walk into the office and see the video games, bright colors, and TVs, they are put at ease! This is an office that understands all kinds of kids, even those with extra special needs. One of our daughters has autism and the other one has had several cavities. Both of the girls accept going to see Dr. Garzon with no problem at all. The girls are now teenagers and are going through the “braces” years. I am happy to say that both will enjoy life with beautiful smiles!

Melinda L



Dr. Garzon was recommended to me by a mom when we first moved to Edmond. I have 3 boys ages 9,11 and 16. We found a cheery office with many interesting games to play with while waiting for each of my 3 boys to be seen. The staff are always smiling and ready to share a word with me about my children. They have also helped with orthodontist recommendations. Wait time is minimal. After each boy is seen Dr. Garzon has a private word with me about the visit and how they are progressing, any problem areas and how they can be addressed. She is more than willing to answer any questions I have. She talks to the boys about brushing technique with visual demos which helps them to understand what they can do help in their own oral care. The boys comment on how their time in the chair is done by staff with gentle hands. We also all like the fall festival. It is a great time to meet staff out of the office while having some fun and food. I would recommend Dr. Garzon to any mom for their children.

Kelly F



As a father of an autistic child, my wife and I, had a very hard time finding a dentist for our son. We tried several pediatric dentists and our own family dentist, but our son became very anxious and traumatized . We were at our wits end when we were referred to Dr. Garzon. Now our son has no problems going to the dentist. Dr. Garzon and her staff are fantastic, they know how to get down to a child’s level and make them feel comfortable, from the office staff to Dr. Garzon herself. They take the time to explain every detail of the plan of action for each child. I totally recommend Dr. Garzon without any reservation.

Robert G

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